Andre Washington, Smyrna, Georgia

Well I met this guy Andre and hes a sweetheart and swept me off my feet..Caught this a*****e cheating on me with my best friend!! Ducking her in our basement while I was sleeping upstairs!!! I will give him these he sure can eat a p***y and eat an a*s out and he can f****d my brains out best lay ever had. He will f**k anything and f**k all your friends too. He was cheating on me with this w***e Brittany Scott, and this other w***e Kristen Bell, He has nice car and cell phone. I just feel like I should just leave these here…I was very scared when I found him on STD website states he passes around STDs, sleeps with escorts and lies about being with other women. I am going to the Doctors to get my self checked to make sure i dont have any STDS. i will update you all when my test comes back


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