Andre Lucio Valles Albuquerque, New Mexico

Andre Lucio Valles is a liar, cheater and user. Andre and I were in a committed 6 year relationship until recently. I’ve known his kids since they were 6 and 1 years old. Andre cheated on me with a chick in Albuquerque and when he got caught claimed this female was psycho and threatened the lives of his children in some gang related bs. Would you turn around and post selfies with this chick if she couldn’t stand your kids or threatened their life? Me neither. Turns out he just wanted a piece of a*s. Andre had no qualms about sitting on his a*s and not working while I worked and took care of him and his daughter financially. He had n qualms about me driving him back and forth between slc and Farmington New Mexico for his MULTIPLE DWIs court cases. Andre Lucio Valles is a user and douchebag. staying away, lock up your wallet, close your legs and heart. He doesn’t mean anything he says.



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