Andre Jae Canepa San Jose CA USA

Some people call him AJ. Don’t fall for his charms. He is just using that to hook you in and can act like a gentleman, a knight in shining armor or Prince Charming in a fairytale just to get what he wants. S*x is all he thinks about, the only thing he really wants. He is not very honest and always blame others for wrong doing. Only thinks of himself and don’t care about your feelings. He cheats when he looks at other women and looking at their bodies and try to see what they wear under their shirts.

5 thoughts on “Andre Jae Canepa San Jose CA USA

  1. Here’s his white panty b**t picture that he texted me (as sexual harassment) where he tried to pass off as a girl in an attempt to turn me lesbian…which I can clearly tell is a guy’s b**t:

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