Amber Riley, Stroud, Oklahoma

I had been with my live in boyfriend for a little over a year we was talking marriage and having babies together and pretty much planning our life’s out. But of course this was the good times most of it though was rough since he did have a problem with drinking and acting crazy I still stuck beside him because I loved him and loved everything we had going…. well not like he worked at all the whole time I had two jobs plus raising my son and having to support him. I never thought he would cheat on me with some one 7 years younger or actually at all, he always seemed so in love with me and I seriously thought everything was good. Until one day in January he had managed to get a phone from one those vendors that just pops up, you know the ones I’m talking about. Anyways after a couple of days of having a phone he starts locking it up. Well that just throws up red flags, so me being the person that I am I start snooping around come across this name Amber Riley so I asked about her he said she just wanted a tattoo. So okay that’s fine I didn’t care cause I trusted him, well as time went by maybe like a week I noticed while I was at work he was going to the “bar” every time I worked nights but he wouldn’t ever come say hi or nothing and I work just down the block so I never understood that one. But again I trusted him well after 3 days of never coming home from the bar I had enough, I came home from working a double shift just wore out and there is a 30 pack in my living room I get mad so I tossed the beer outside and told him to just go away I didn’t want to deal with him that night, well he comes back the next morning grabs a bite to eat and sits down beside me tells me he is sorry, I asked him where did he go he didn’t say anything at first and it just hit me like a ton of bricks he went to a girls house and I flipped out and he didn’t denied it he told me it wasn’t like that he wouldn’t do that to me. Well I told him to kick rocks and that I would never forgive him that he was dead to me. Well it’s almost been 2 months and I finally got a name from his sister on who he was sleeping with and I was shocked. This girl told me she was dating a soldier who was overseas and when he got back they was getting married and all that, well she is just a horrible person for doing that I haven’t seen her since I was told her name but you can count there will be words said to her because I won’t be silence. I hope she doesn’t break up anyone else but at least they will be warned


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