amanda Lee cage

She is married has 3 kids and I found out after two months. She goes to clubs on the weekends meets guys every other weekend. She told me she was sick but my friends saw her at the club and sent pictures of her to me and she lied and said she was at home sick. I caught her at Walmart in shelton with another guy. All this happened in a few weks.. She told me her name was amanda lee. Turns out her real name is amanda Lee cage.. she makes excuses for everything . This girl is fake.


2 thoughts on “amanda Lee cage

  1. That girl is a ho.ho ho.. funny thing its christmas time..this girl is married and all she does is f**k guys she is extra fat .. not just regular extra weight. Extra extra. Read all about it. She has stds.two of my friends f****d her in.the same night. And they both got stds lol

  2. I heard about that girl me and my homegirls see her at clubs in Olympia. These guys are right about her. I personally saw her on different guys. Girls like this make me sick. I have friends that know about talk to her. The say the same stuff as the guys.

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