Alyssa Bartlow, Akron, Ohio

So let’s start by saying me and my soon to be ex husband were together for 15 years and we have been married 9 years. He got caught up in with the wrong crowd and drugs which is all his fault. Well let’s just say this girl is what they all call a homie hopping dope w***e. I’m not sure who all she was with prior to my ex but it started as a joke between my ex and his little cousin that she was such a w***e that he could steal her from him. Well his little cousin is 20 and he is 31. Ally just turned 21. She starts by making comments to her friends that she can get any man she wants. And she started by telling her friends that she could f**k my husband before she even met him. Again my ex could have said no but at the time he was depressed from being unemployed, doing drugs and feeling alone because I was going to school full time and working part time. He didn’t feel like a man. She preyed on him and started hanging out with him when I wasn’t home. And eventually she got my ex to cheat on me for the first time in 15 years. Again I don’t just blame her but also him for doing it. Well turns out this girl enjoys splitting up families and then gets bored and moves to the next. From what I know we are the second family she’s done this to. The first being her best friend and her husband with them having a kid. She uses sob stories to get people to feel sorry for her. That’s how it starts then she starts blowing their phone up and showing up where they are. Well I’m leaving my ex and he realizes what a f**k up he is now. I’m moving out of state. With our 4 year old daughter. She won’t let him see his own kid cuz she’s jealous of the time she don’t get to spend with him. KShe’s also very abusive to the guys she gets with. So just thought I’d put her name at there. She goes by Ally Bartlow.


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