Alicia Kennon, Butler, Georgia

Gold Digger. Stay away from Alicia Kennon. When my uncle died I asked her to come to the funeral with me for support. She declined in order to go to a party with her coworkers. While we were dating, she constantly complained about me taking my disabled Grandmother to the doctor. A week before our marriage, she told my Grandma that once she and I were married, I wouldn’t be taking her anymore. The day that we returned from our Honeymoon, my Grandma died. She told me that she saw me as less of a man while I grieved my loss. I spent my inheritance from my Grandma to pay Alicia’s taxes that year. Several months later Alicia divorced me when I was laid off. She also ran around behind my back with a married co-worker of hers named Drew. She admitted this to me the day that she told me of the divorce. She likes to be spanked in bed but WATCH OUT! She used that fact to lie to my parents and say that I hit her. She eventually apologized to my mom. If you ever think of dating her please consider my advice. Please don’t make her the biggest mistake of your life too.


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