Alexis Tasker, Ashtabula, Ohio, US. Mansfield, Ohio, US.

Alexis “Lexi” Tasker, aka Alexis Teauge, aka Alexandria Teauge. HGHime, Arska, Helvengurl. Age 21 from Mansfield, Ohio. A common backstabbing, cheater. She is a habitual liar who will lie about the most ridiculous and trivial bullshit even when the truth would actually serve her better. She is too stupid to even make her lies coherent and not contradict her own words within the same paragraph. If you talk to her for even just a few weeks you will find her saying one thing and then another to you so often your head will spin. You will start to lose track of her stories as often as she does.

I entered into a relationship with Lexi Tasker against my better judgement. She told me she had hoed around while talking to me as friends, but that would stop when we were together. I was different. I was special to her. I was not like any other guy. I was her “little dove” She told me sob story after sob story about her life. No one had been good to her. Everyone had been cruel to her, abused her, didn’t love her. Of course I was her knight in shining armor and she trusted me with things she had never told anyone before. I made her happy in a way no one ever had. She would never cheat on me. She talked about marrying me and having children with me. She wanted us to leave Ohio and move to Arizona or Colorado. Get an apartment. My ex-girlfriend ended up coming back into my life and this new relationship. She began getting into arguments with Lexi. The fake image of this upstanding “classy” woman fell away and she showed me a glimpse of her true colors. She was enraged. She wanted me to send some cruel messages to my ex-girlfriend telling her I wanted nothing to do with her, I wanted only Lexi, how much better Lexi was than her. She asked me to show her my ex’s response to this so that she could laugh at her. She wanted to watch her suffer for her own amusement. She will post a million things on facebook about morals, kindness, G*d and laud herself as some kind of wonderful compassionate person, but this is the truth. This is who she really is. Someone who enjoys the pain of others and thinks nothing of the suffering she inflicts if it brings her whatever she wants in the moment. My ex-girlfriend finally ended up sending me screenshots of her dating profiles from various dating web sites. She told me “That stupid account was before we got together and I havent been on it since” I called her on that for the bullshit lie that it was. The screen shots my ex had sent me had the time and date of Lexi’s last logins. They were from the day before. She also had screenshots of some of her messages to other men looking for s*x. When confronted with this, she did what I had come to learn was natural to her. She lied. She was looking for other guys to f**k behind my back like a common w***e. I had been given warning signs from the beginning and I ignored them. This was the price. Months of my life wasted on a lying sociopath w***e. She had wormed her way into my life and made me think she was something she was not. Someone I could “trust”

When I began talking to Lexi, one of the first things she had told me about was how she had slept with her friends boyfriend. She was using this story to try and manipulate me into thinking I could trust her because she had made mistakes in the past like me but was “better” now. She explained that she had not known they were together at the time because she “had a fight” with her friend and “wasn’t talking to her” then. She claimed the boyfriend lied to her about a break up and she f****d him not knowing they were still together. Sometime later that changed to she knew they were together and f****d him anyway, but she told her friend within days and apologized and felt badly so badly about it. Then the story changed once more. She admitted lying about all of it to make herself look better to me. She knew he was still with her friend when she f****d him and she had wanted him to leave her friend and did not tell her friend the truth herself at all. Instead she said she had been avoiding her friend and asking the boyfriend not to tell her friend they were spending time together. She spent a month asking him when he was going to leave her friend and be with her. She wanted to marry him and have “adorable Irish babies” She admitted she did not care about her friend at all and said she had told her to get the f**k over it and that it was a petty mistake. She tried to get her friend fired from her job, something she had said at first she did not do because “it was beneath her” and “Eh. More like I try to keep it classy”. Again, another lie she later admitted to. Again, I was told she had changed so much from the person she was then. The truth I would come to find out is the qualities of loyalty, honesty, integrity, morals of any kind – these things mean nothing to Lexi Tasker. She is completely self serving and incapable of feeling anything for anyone other than herself. She tried to convince me that she was different in the here and now with me. She said “See, i always figure people are allowed to f**k up like that a couple times” So like a fool I believed her. She was not that same person anymore she said and I should not think these displays of poor character defined her. She had found G*d and was a changed person. She had morals now when she didn’t back then. Her own messages reveal that the two versions of this you get depend on when she’s trying to manipulate you – Lexi Tasker Sunday, March 1, 2015 at 4:12pm EST “I am sorry for it. If I could go back I would never have even done that. Ever” — Alexis Teauge Monday, February 22, 2016 at 11:34pm UTC – “So i f****d him even though he was dating a girl. To be fair, everyone knew he was an a*****e and she was the twit 7 years older acting like he was her life. So i kinda feel i did the world a favor by breaking them up. Because they could not have been allowed to procreate. And they would have f****d it up at some point. Dont regret it”

Her latest web of lies now has to do with being raped. She has made two long, rambling open posts about this matter. One contradicts the other directly.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015 at 5:23am UTC – “The next three men I had feelings for, I slept with all of them. By the end of the third, for whom I realized I didnt love but seemed to control using my body, I found I was pregnant. The news took hold. Crisis knocked. What was I to do? I make under 10 grand a year. How could I sustain another human life on that? How could i answer the call of g*d on my life beyond that? I was considering adoption. When I told him, I remember the words he spoke to me. ‘ thank g*d youre not being crazy trying to keep it. I can’t afford a kid’. The life growing within me was a burden. At least to him”

Monday, June 6, 2016 at 11:21 pm – “I had recently signed up for ordainment school. I had quit underage drinking, smoking weed with my friends, and I cut off the people I was entertaining relationships or even the idea of s*x with. I wanted to dedicate my whole body to the ordainment school I was attending. I’ve never done anything by halves. But on the night of my 21st birthday party; what was supposed to be a tame few beers with a friend I had recently made and some horror movies before a 430 am shift the next day, was all ruined. She went off and completely forgot me. No one showed up, no one answered calls. I wasn’t a part of their party scene, so I no longer mattered enough to make time for. I called another friend of mine, and he came and picked me up right away. I didn’t want to be alone, I was feeling rejected, and I just wanted to spend time with someone on my birthday [August 3, 2014]. But, that night I didn’t drink. He had interest previously and I didn’t want to feed that. But that night, he made a few comments, a few advancements, which I told him I was no longer in the market for. He offered me iced tea, I accepted. I knew partway through that drink something was off. I was dizzy. I had a hard time standing up, he offered to let me sleep in his room because I was feeling sick. He took me upstairs, poked and prodded and suggested lewd things until I no longer had the sense or capability to understand what he was saying, was not able to get words to come out of my mouth, and had no power to push him away.
At 4:30 that morning, after blackout sometime after he had finished, I woke up and I ran out of the house. I never looked back, only saw him in passing a handful of times, and never, ever alone. If I saw him I would run back inside wherever I had come from. Once I hid in a bathroom at work. I never filed reports. I had bigger problems. Birth control had failed, I was pregnant, on medications that did not mix well, and I didn’t know until I was almost 2 months along and miscarried. I cried and cried and did what I was told by the doctor, and my period never came again. I didn’t know what was going on with my body, I hardly slept, I cried every night, and I would have been kicked out if the people I lived with knew. I was working 70 hours a week and in school.”

Lexi Tasker Monday, September 8, 2014 at 11:17am EDT – “Just stressed. A friend of mine really likes me and were good friends, but when he dates he wants to have s*x. I’m doing bible school now. So its about the commitment for me. I dont want to have s*x while I’m learning to become an ordained minister. Its not right to commit only a part of myself to g*d. Thats where ive been standing, and hes not pushing it, but I can see it really frustrates him and he really cares about me”

ME Friday, March 13, 2015 at 11:36pm EDT – “But how was that the night you found out you were pregnant? You told me like two days later that you were considering dating that guy? I don’t understand. :/”

Lexi Tasker Friday, March 13, 2015 at 11:36pm EDT – “I was considering dating him because I was thinking about keeping the baby. And I didnt want to be on my own in that. I mean, I told him all about my s*x life. And he asked me out after that. So I thought it was some really convulted way to go about it. He was pushing abortion when I found out and told him. And I ended up telling him we werent even going to date before we even got to the first date. He said he’d help me with adoption or an abortion. And so I told him id let him know my decision. Because he didnt want the babies. At all. He asked me out after the tea. He never pushed before the tea. And there was also a night where he tried to have s*x with me again and pushed it. I found out I was pregnant, that day was when ****** flipped [early September 2014, as my ex found out], and after when I told him and I wanted to keep them he flipped. He didnt for a while. I stuck sometime out that he was respectful at least. But one night he tried it again and I left. He whined about it, I remember. So after the whole telling him and the twin flip outs… I was just done. I hadnt slept or eaten much and I had a kidney infection a few days after all that.”

So she has gone from saying there this man who raped her was someone she was considering dating in the first week of September to saying she had been raped on her August 3rd birthday. She went from saying that she found out she was pregnant the first week of September [five weeks] to almost two months into the pregnancy which would have been the end of September. He went from someone she slept with and controlled using her body to someone who had drugged her drink and raped her. She now says she never looked back, saw him only in passing and hid from him. Yet she considered dating him and he tried to have s*x with her again? When she was never alone with him again? I guess she spoke to him about adopting or aborting the babies while hiding from him in the bathroom at work. She didn’t even unfriend this man on Facebook until 7 months after he supposedly raped her and she made her first post about this on February 18, 2015. Her trip to the clinic in Ohio for the abortion happened just before Thanksgiving 2014, so she waited until she was 14-15 weeks along to make her decision?

I have screen shots and copies of every single message she sent to me and the things she has posted on Facebook since. Dozens upon dozens of instances where you can compare her words side by side and spot lie after lie after lie.

Her talking about a friend behind her back – Alexis Teauge Monday, March 7, 2016 at 10:10pm UTC “Howd things go with crazy jess? She messaged me and said she chewed you out and said goodbye. ( half the reason why im sending you these. Didnt know if it was a good or bad brain thing) ( if it makes you feel better, im a half inch from blocking her on all my s**t. ) And listen. She chose to bang you so she can get over it. Her own d**n fault. XD Wow, so petty. And of course she found out about the indy talk we had at some point. Because i didnt want her to find out on fb or some such and loose it. Lol. And if she wants to talk flashbacks, pretty sure some s*x has nothin on my dad stabding over me with a f*****g arrow at my chest saying he was gonna kill me. So she can suck it up with the rest of us big girls. Dont let it weigh on you man. Or you know, not being able to move in a bed with a shithole holding you, asking yourself if youve been raped or if it was your fault for being there. So she can suck my d**k. Theres a flashback to b***h over. XD Earlier that week he tried to pressure me, but he stopped. Thought he learned but that was fine. Just makes my story better. :P”

Another “friend” – Lexi Tasker Tuesday, January 5, 2016 at 5:41am UTC “If anyones a perv, its ben. Ben is a f*****g a*****e right now because he now knows i think youre a better person than him. Ben is into a**l s*x so rough your a*s bleeds because he has no d**n patience. Ben is into a**l s*x so rough your a*s bleeds because he has no d**n patience. And basic misogynistic dominance displays. Because his d**k is 6 1/2 ( ish) inches and hes insecure because he has no substance. So i dont think its ridiculous. Im pervier than you. I banged ben after all”

Lexi Tasker Thursday, January 15, 2015 at 11:47am UTC – “Oh well, I had to do it myself with ben too so nothing new XD Which is funny cause you still heard us and it wasnt even to earth shattering yet / pats poor sad ben /over in the corner/ who gave up too soon every time. Hes so convinced hes the greatest lay ever. And like, couldnt even get /me/ there. He was my b***h. He stood right in front of me one time on my period and was like ‘suck my d**k’. And I laughed and told him no way in h**l unless he intended to reciprocate. The look on his face go”

Another instance of taking pride in taking a guy from a friend – Lexi Tasker Friday, October 2, 2015 at 6:39am UTC+01 “Plus, you know, i f*****g snatched that boy for myself. XD. Remember nicollette? Riderofdragons? They were a thing cause all three of us were friends. And she had a crush on him so i set them up. And then she did nothing but complain to me and pressure him. So i sent them both this reaaaally long drawn out message about how i had feelings for him so we couldnt be friends [ETA this is her MO. She sends these out to guys like candy. They are all pretty much the same when she sends them.] Nikki went nuts on me and he dumped her. V_V Then he moped for a few months and wanted to get together. Thus we internet dated for like, two weeks”

Alexis Teauge Saturday, March 12, 2016 at 6:01am UTC – “Actually i would probably Want to do it more like A roleplay game Where i steal them away from the other girl Because i like the kink”

If I can save one person from wasting their life on this “person” then this was worth the time it took to type it.


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