Albert Baker, Oregon

Some may know him as Bud, others may know him as Al, but even more than none might know him as Mike. His given name is Albert Baker and I have been in a relationship with this man for 21 years (yes 21 years). There has been a few break ups only 3 and every time I’ve been promised he will change. He has broke my heart, humiliated me, and tells lies about me to get people to believe that he has it bad at home. Well the truth of the matter is his home life would be more than perfect if he kept his d*** in his pants. He enjoys getting together with anyone male, female, couples, anyone that likes wild sexual encounters! I’ve been fortunate that I haven’t contracted some disease, although I did test positive for HPV which he brought home. All I can say is he has a home life and people should be aware of the fact.


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