Alaksander Punos

This man is using his good look to seduce innocent girls.You will find him in online dating sites Badoo and POF.
Girls be very careful.This guy went out with me,he told me he was an attorney which was a complete lie.I found out later on that he is working for Target Bakery.
He has a big baggage in his shoulder.He lives with his parents and an autistic brother.Since this guy is over loaded with responsibility he can’t marry to support his wife.
He is taking other door to satisfy his l**t and physical needs,he is taking advantage of online dating sites and mainly he is trying to find Asian girls already in vulnerable emotional state of mind.His real name is Aleksandar Banic,you can find him with this name in Facebook.Not sure whether he is legal immigrant here or not,he came as a refugee and originally he is from Serbia.Might be he has a wife there


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