Adel Nichole -aka- Noel Adel Jaco

This is Conroe Texas’s sluttiest mother of 3!!! She attends Mims baptist church (where she met my husband) and has been sleeping with him for over a year now!!!! This home wrecker has ruined my marriage!!! All 3 of her kids are by different men, she’s a w***e! She’s also a pill popping alcoholic who is the PTO president at Anderson elementary!!! Watch your husbands because we have a w***e in town.


2 thoughts on “Adel Nichole -aka- Noel Adel Jaco

  1. First off CHRISTINA, I haven’t been to Mims in almost 8 months and you and your husband haven’t been to any church in G*d knows when because it would burn down. Second I would love to see the proof of me cheating, being an alcoholic and pill popper. Last I checked that was you and your husbanf, from what your w***e daughter has told me. Your husband flaunts his alcohol in the front with his grill. As for you, your daughter told me you was a closet drunk and pill head. As for my kids having 3 father’s lol that’s the only truth to any of this post, but guess what I have and always will be a better mother than you because I actually care and love my kids unlike yours that do so much bad s**t to get whatever attention they can from their sorry a*s broke parents that are always getting their s**t reposted. Good luck in life and thank G*d the white trash is moving out of the neighborhood. You can keep posting what you like about me, it doesn’t really phase me because I know what the truth is. You should really use this energy and put it towards your dirty a*s house and kids and husband. Maybe your husband will quit cheating on you with the other women.

  2. What a brave person you are behind a computer This is my family you are talking about. People who live in glass houses should change there clothes in the basement.PS your father is a drunk, your mother is a pill popping Nurse. Who goes out everyday and sees patient. But it was okay for this brave women to go over seas and protect your silly brave lying a*s huh..If this is the gratitude you are giving our American solders then we want nothing to do with you.Tell Michelle to go to rehab….

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