Adam Wooten — Ashburn, Virginia

Adam Wooten trained my son who is a rising high school football player and then began training my wife where he was able to seduce her and carry on an affair. He was a close acquaintance of mine. I helped get him business, he came to my son’s football games. Next thing you know my wife is acting funny. So I gain access to her text messages and I see that she has been ****ing Adam for the last 2 months. My wife is not without blame but based on the text messages, you can definitely tell that he was aggressively pursuing her. He would **** in the gym after hours in his car at a hotel down the street from my house… And to top it off his wife who is pregnant was an Olympic gymnast who won the silver medal. What the ****?!?!?! and he wants to **** my wife??? I hope I am there when karma comes around and bites him in the a*s!!!


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