Adam Russell Pratt – Kingston, Albany, Averill Park, Dunham Hollow – New York

Adam Russell Pratt Albany and Hudson Valley areas of NY has harmed children. He has dozens of other underage victims on the web. He is infected with the STD HPV and doesn’t care about spreading STIs like BV too. He will try to get you to sleep with him with out a condom, he trusts you, he is safe – LIES you cannot trust him he is trying to trap girls with babies too. Adam is a real sicko!

Scary pedophile image of Adam Pratt naked with young boy

Please view links for additional information and evidence

Screen snaps From a Tunsian girl named Malek Chaieb who states numerous times she is a minor, underage, and a victim her aliases are Sheyla Oliver, Johanna Austen who was 14 when her internet relationship started with Adam Russell Pratt

Predator Adam Pratt’s facebooks – relationship with minor

Adam Pratt mom Jill Sterling Pratt and father Russell knew this girl in Tunisia was underage (very possibly others) AND that he was promising marriage, impregnating women, abused his children AND was also into men and transsexuals! We do not know if his parents knew he has STDs HE KNEW and ENDANGERED COUNTLESS PARTNERS after his claims of being “like a battered housewife” (this lunatic really told women this joke of a lie!) “he doesn’t date”, “he doesn’t sleep around” – YES HE DOES with ANYTHING even his minor victim is not attractive so if he will share p**n and do live p**n with something like that knowing he is committing a s*x crime with a minor g*d only knows how ugly and disgusting the men and women we do not know about are!


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