Adam Russell Pratt – Kingston, Albany, Averill Park, Dunham Hollow – New York

Adam Russell Pratt Dunham Hollow, Kingston, Albany, and Averill Park has harmed children. He has dozens of other underage victims on the web.

Scary pedophile image of Adam Pratt naked with young boy

Please view links for additional information and evidence

Screen snaps From a Tunsian girl named Malek Chaieb who states numerous times she is a minor, underage, and a victim her aliases are Sheyla Oliver, Johanna Austen who was 14 when her internet relationship started with Adam Russell Pratt

Predator Adam Pratt’s facebooks
Adam Pratt and his family


6 thoughts on “Adam Russell Pratt – Kingston, Albany, Averill Park, Dunham Hollow – New York

  1. After 14 year olds across the globe gets boring Adam Russell Pratt likes little boys (this was reported to authorities and the childs face is hidden) Adam is one sick pedophile

  2. I think this Adam guy s******g around with 14 and 15 year olds is sick, even if limited to internet its still predatory and hurts those kids! I think young impressionable girls have no respect for themselves, the sanctity of marriage, or the welfare of younger kids is sad. The most twisted part of this saga has to be this Jill Sterling, just take a look at her facebook… /jill.s.pratt1 she may have raised her son to be a pedo bc she is one too! The red flag is her own words in the screen shots on these sites this one is right up in google search she specifies “Adam is an adult” and “Malek” is a child (WTF?) Are they using the internet looking to adopt foreign minors so Adam Pratt can find a girlfriend? Why the h**l was a child exchanging p**n with a minor who was calling this sick woman “Mom”? Disgraceful and Disturbing!

    I am curious if any of the posters who were victims of these people know if they have been indicted yet?

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