adam marzell aka landon. long beach ca

we were together 5 years i was awoken by him and a girl named Audrey (gypsy) having loud s*x in the next room



3 thoughts on “adam marzell aka landon. long beach ca

  1. Wtf this is complete bullshit!!! Angela marie barera is full of s**t we were broken up for weeks when I let her use my place to have her kid’s (whom she lost cuz of drugs…) come visit, WE WERE BROKEN UP and I was STILL being nice enough to let her use my place, my gf at the time that she named above stayed with me in my guest room as I let Angela use my MASTER bedroom for more space! And we did NOT HAVE S*X. I do NOT cheat! Jesus Christ

    1. whatever Landon. what landon did was a blessing in disguise i now have a real man that is worthy and we have an open relationship. Yes i did Lose my Kids to Drugs but im Clean & Sober & have my Kids Back in my Life

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