Accurate Gutter & Roofing – TOOK MONEY AND VANISHED!!!

I hired this company Accurate Gutter & Roofing they came over and checked out my roof and told me I needed a new roof. So, I said ok and called the insurance company. The upfront money was sent. Steve W. Allen and Stephanie J. Verplanck, is a scam artist. Steve and Stephanie makes a good living using high pressure sales tactics and distorted information in order to convince their customers to involve their home insurance companies for unnecessary roof replacements, to allow them to make a claim for weather related damages “hail, ” and to pocket extraordinary profits at the expense of every paying member of your insurance company. Both of them goes to house to house sales man, looks at eavestroughs or roof and gives out estimates, once you give him or her your money and the contact order to do the job, he would ask for deposit upfront. I gave him the deposit of $13,278.98 and since then it was all excuses, never showed up, on the phone he would say I will be there today, tomorrow and tomorrow never came. Actually, they came only once and then disappeared with all the money I have already paid them. Be careful, Be very careful. Stay away from Steve W. Allen and Stephanie J. Verplanck!!!!

Steve W. Allen
Stephanie J. Verplanck
Accurate Gutter & Roofing
1943 Drill Ave,
Dayton, Ohio 45414


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