Abusive scumbag cheater Bryan bresler

This man preys on young women and uses them. He uses his postion of power at his s****y little show club to take advantage of young girls. He tells them everything they want to hear even if they are married. He owns and operates a club called woodies show club. HE USED MY WIFE WHILE I WAS MARRIED TO HER FOR S*X, and took advantage of the fact he was her manager at a strip club. He was also married at the time the affair took place. She told me he never used protection and got abusive with her several time at his s****y little strip club he owned. HE THEN MADE SURE TO GET RID OF HER TO “shut her up” so his wife wouldn’t find out. He uses his workplace as a playground for s*x. Keep your wife from working at woodies! Keep everyone informed of him. REMBER GIRLS HE DOES NOT WEAR CONDOMS

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