Aaron Dunn Loveland Coloraod

Aaron Dunn is a womanizer, narcissist and cheater. he was married to Brandy Dunn the entire time of our relationship, having told me that he was divorced. He probably tries to f**k every girl he meets all the while telling you he’s a good dad and wants you to meet Marshall and LacyAnna . He is a loser and sicko with so called friends that he talks s**t about behind their backs. His piece of s**t black chevy truck is being paid for by his poor wife’s government job, she has some how put up with his c**p for 10+ years. It’s always I’m going to have the kids next weekend or for half the summer and they love me, I’m a good father. He’s an alcoholic on probation who is lucky enough to have a once a week BA but if they were to give him a US, Done do not pass go, do not collect $200 of your wife’s dollars. Ladies of Loveland be careful of Aaron he is a pro cheater and lives on driftwood ct with his wife, his number is 970.232.0077


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